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Data Science Certificate Program starting 24th of April 2020

In the decade of Big Data where data is recorded in almost all areas of daily life, ever larger and more complex data is available. The skill of analyzing and extracting information from such data has become an indispensable core competence in research and industry. As the demand for professionally trained data scientists is growing steadily even further in the future, the Faculty of Mathematics, Informatics and Statistics in collaboration with the Unit for Professional Training at the LMU Munich and the LMU Spin-off Essential Data Science Training GmbH provides an extra-occupational Data Science Certificate Program.

It addresses professionals and executives who want to continue their education in the field of data science, want to learn how to extract information from data, rethink and enhance data analysis procedures in order to prevent wrong decisions and who get to know the most important software products that are used in the field of big data analytics.

This Data Science Certificate Program provides practical and scientifically based knowledge of the theory and methods of Data Science and adresses the needs of professionals in their everyday work. It is therefore aimed at anyone working in any area of business or education (please note the requirements and application). The Data Science Certificate Program takes place twice a year as a one-semester training with an estimated workload of 200 hours (including time for preparation, follow-up work and preparation for the exam).

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  • Duration: 10 days, Summer Term 2020: 24th of April 2020 - 24th of July 2020 (9 am - 5 pm)
  • Language: The course language is English unless all participants understand German well enough
  • Workload: about 200 hours (including time for preparation, follow-up work and preparation for the exam)
  • Application deadline: 08th of March 2020

Apply here

Participation Fee

  • 6500 € regular fee (includes 5900 € course fee and 600 € examination fee)
  • 5200 € reduced fee for applicants from social, scientific and cultural facilities please send a proof with your application (includes 4720 € course fee and 480 € examination fee)


Highlights of the Program

  • Theoretical and practical concepts in the field of Data Science
  • Interdisciplinary topics of Data Science, statistics and computer science, methodological training and use case analysis
  • Transfer of well-founded know-how and practical training of analytical and strategic skills (more information in the curriculum)
  • Receive a LMU-Certificate

For many practical tutorials in the Data Science Certificate Program, basic knowledge of the statistical programming language R is required. If you don't have any basic knowledge in R or want to refresh your knowledge in R, we highly recommend you to learn R in self-study before the certificate program starts.
Alternatively, you can book a separate R Crashcourse on 11th of March 2020 or R basics course 23rd - 24th of April 2020 at Essential Data Science Training GmbH, an official LMU Spin-off. For more information, visit the R basics course registration page (R basics course tba).